Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm the Invisible person :)

i will be visible
when u need me...
i will stand there
waiting 4 u.

but then i will turn invisible button
again when u don't need me.

I'm will stand there..
be in silent mood
I'm will always smile
juz 4..u
even i feel like crying inside.

Standing there..
I'm crying seeing u carry so much burden...
but yet..why I'm the only one..
u put your anger with..

Hardly for u to see
my existence....
but yet....I'll be the visible n invisible person in ur life
n keep smiling...



cikwawa said...

jiwang !


Nur Aqillah Sabri said... poem ke lagu?ni lagu ke poem?btw,ta rindu sama guwe ke?