Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What it's should be?

motif: dear rain, i hope u can wipe my tears with u..thank u 4 being such a good comforter friend.

yes fate!

it's destiny
That should i accept in my life

Dear wind
i miss u
can U please blow away
this injustice feeling
can u please come to me
and awake me from this deep dream

dear weather...
can u please express my feeling
sunshine showing how wonderful my day it is
raining was helping wipe my tears along with it
wind blowing away unneeded feeling
sound of nature give me peaceful mind

a hand for wiping my tears
a smile to cheer me up
a shoulder to lend my head on it
ears for listening of my pain

Holding my brown teddy
hoping she will wipe
my tears
hoping she will lends her shoulder
hoping she smiling to me ( opps yes she smiling)
hahahha...but u cannot still comfort me...umm

wondering a place
to keep my mind clear
i think i should go there.
risking my life
but i hope it would worth
doesn't want to hold
it's too long
cause i need
my strength
to go on with this adventure
that had written by GOD

i still can smile!
i still can do it!
whatever it takes
i shouldn't make myself drowning
n also other people drowning
into this sadness.

I can bear it!

aRigato 4 reading my broken english. ;)

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